Supporting the next wave of Australia’s artistic talent.

Internationally recognised as a breeding ground for artistic talent, the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) has nurtured some of Australia’s most successful artists. Yet a vibrant, evolving art scene requires community engagement and support to ensure emerging talent can build sustainable career pathways.

VCA Access responds to this need by connecting art lovers, collectors and philanthropists with VCA students, Alumni artists and their representing galleries. As a community, we fund and gift the annual Masters Mentoring, VCA Art Award and meet throughout the year to engage in art conversation in artist studios and gallery spaces. 


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Why Support?

Fund the Masters Mentoring, VCA Art Award mentoring program

Contribute to the sustainability of Australia's vibrant arts scene

Connect with mentor artists and students through ‘salons’ at partner galleries

Witness art growth with regular email updates from the program

Celebrate VCA alumni and reaffirm their importance to the Melbourne arts community

Support the next wave of Australia’s artistic talent




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  • As a mentor and VCA Access member, VCA Access offers unique insight into artists’ worlds, not to mention excellent access to artist studios, exhibitions, and art fairs. The experience has been invaluable.

    Sally Ross, VCA Access Mentor 2018

  • My latest exhibition was offered to me as a direct result of the residency I was honoured to be part of at Sarang Building, Yogyakarta, supported by VCA Access. The curators, creative co-ordinator and director of RMIT Gallery saw Slippage and immediately invited me to be part of an incredible show.

    Holly Block, VCA Access Student 2019

  • I would never have been given the chance to show my work at the NGV if not for the exposure or contacts made available by being part of VCA Access. So grateful!

    Jannette Mclaughlin, VCA Access Student 2018

  • The VCA Access program facilitates vital industry connections in a welcoming environment. When you're wading deep in your own research you can feel far away from the broader industry and this provides meaningful connections outside of our academic program.

    Katie Paine, VCA Access student 2021