Jasmine Brooks

“Yes, it’s my hair”
Paper mache, acrylic, acrylic on the wall, synthetic hair, wire

Jasmine Brookes is a creative and multi-talented Graphic and Web Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, illustration, and print design. In her previous practice, she has been a passionate and inventive creator of innovative design strategies.  Now studying for her Masters of Contemporary Art, Jasmine is eager to explore more of what sculpture, portraiture, typography, and community collaboration could look like.

Jasmine’s graphic design and digital illustration work have been shown in a number of poster shows and she is extending this artistic practice to embrace works in mixed media, paper-mache, collage, photography, painting and digital illustration.  Jasmine has Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic and Web Design from the Art Institute of Austin and was the winner of the Art Institute Film Scholarship.