VCA Access hosted a Question and Answer for the 2023 Students and Mentors at Daine Singer 

Last week, we held another wonderful Question and Answer session for our 2023 VCA Access students at Daine Singer Gallery.

Gallery Director Daine and current mentor Lane Cormick sat with the students and described the different aspects of their working relationship.

There was an examination of an artist/gallerist contract and how that works in a practical sense, highlighting the crucial points that need to be understood by both parties.  There was also an analysis of a loan agreement, with a discussion about the important points that need to be included.

This event was another example of the VCA Access Program offering valuable experiences beyond the core academic program and exposing students to the realities of commercial practice.

Many thanks to Daine for hosting the event and to both Daine and Lane for their open conversations around the topic. A bonus was seeing the wonderful exhibition of Jordan Marani, currently on show at the gallery until September 16th.