ArtsHub Article on Vera Möller and Marion Harper

ArtsHub have published a wonderful article recognising the VCA Access Mentoring Masters award, putting a spotlight on the mentoring relationship with Vera Möller and Marion Harper and their practices.

In this, the first of a two-part series, ArtsHub asks VCA Masters of Fine Arts student Marion Harper and her mentor Vera Möller about their pairing and how the process is working so far.

ArtsHub: Why do you think Vera Möller was chosen as a match for you?

“I’m not sure how it works, and at first I was surprised by the match as our work is so different. Now I can see so many connections and alignments. Before practising as artists, we both studied sciences – Vera began in microbiology in Germany and I started in medicine, so our practices both engage with the world around us and the slippery boundaries between the real and the imagined in the natural world (whether it be environmental or humans). We are both interested in geometric patterning, colour and repetition, and work across various mediums – painting, 3D modelling/ceramics and installation.”
– Marion Harper, 2023

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