Moonis Ahmad

Using archival materials as references ranging from text, mass media and cinema, to historical documents, Moonis aims to establish an interdisciplinary art practice, which on one side uses archival material from the past and on the other side, newer technologies and programming languages. His focus on the question of territorial claims on the landscape that have transformed contemporary identity is braided into such fictional archives and further problematized by using body as a site of contestation. The work also moves away from solely reaffirming representations and information about local experiences and allows one to express, through fiction and play amidst the reality, an event of art which occurs at a point when the work expresses its own demise.

Moonis Ahmad, born in Srinagar Kashmir is an interdisciplinary artist who works with hybrid practices involving mediums like video, photography, painting, programming and installation. He has shown his work at various exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Mooins is currently completing a Masters Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts.