Michael Buxton

Michael Buxton is an art collector and philanthropist who has recently donated his exceptional collection of more than three-hundred works by over fifty of Australia’s most significant contemporary artists to the University of Melbourne.

The Michael Buxton Collection acquires significant works of art by leading and influential Australian artists who have demonstrated excellence and made a significant contribution to contemporary art practice. Focusing on fewer artists, in depth and across media, the Collection seeks to reflect the development of artists’ practices, and the scope of current visual arts practice in Australia. Directly supporting the work of living artists, by acquiring works through the primary market, the Michael Buxton Collection seeks to increase the visibility and appreciation of Australian art by actively contributing to the generation of contemporary visual culture.

Established in 1995, the Collection now spans three or more generations of artists, representative of practices from the 1980s onwards. It encompasses a broad range of visual media; from painting, sculpture, photography and drawing, to ambitious installations, and highlights the many ways artists experiment with different forms and subjects.

As the Collection evolves, new connections can be made between different artists, across younger and more established generations, and between art works. This is one of the exciting aspects of the Collection.