Brit Salt WIP show: Living Grid

Brit Salt’s work in progress show Living Grid, 2023 is now showing @vcaartspace

Thurs 10th Aug 12-5pm
Fri 11th Aug 12-3pm

Living Grid presents a speculative architectural interior that is oriented by structural elements of the gallery, such as the ceiling trusses, and asks what fundamental spatial elements the human body needs to exist. In this space, walls, ceiling and floor-based timber forms trace the bounds of the interior.

Central to the installation is a gridded tapestry, at least, it visually expresses a grid. The vertical threads of this grid sit atop the tapestry, isolated from the woven horizontal lines. So too, the threads that trace a grid overhead in a kind of pitched roof, do not touch, nor does the wall of threads hanging vertically, untethered to the ground. Only when moving the body through the space does this become apparent. The grids in this installation are not connected or complete, they only appear to be. The order is an illusion.

In this speculative interior there is also speculative furniture. Two forms that are bench seat height sit in opposite corners of the room. They feature curved bases, rocking as the body sits upon them.

Their unstable nature challenges the body to feel where and how it is in space. The Living Grid is an architectural embodiment of the foundations of space that sustain human life.