MARS Gallery Artist + Gallerist Student Event

Recently, our VCA Access students spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at MARS Gallery, in an informal conversation with Mentor Kenny Pittock and his gallerist Andy Dinan. The event was an opportunity for students to discover how the relationship between gallerist and artist plays out.

Director of MARS Gallery, Andy Dinan, generously shared the story of how she founded the gallery and discovers the artists she represents. She and Kenny talked through a range of practical elements every emerging artist should know. Listen to key parts of the discussion on our Instagram Story Highlights –  Artist Life

Andy also led the group on a tour of the gallery, which she built eight years ago. As the owner of the building, she has been able to commission a range of artworks on the exterior facade, and often welcomes developers to the space to discover innovative ways of integrating artwork into their own buildings. 

Thank you for your time and generosity, Andy and Kenny!

Current exhibition seen in background: Eliza Gosse.