Travis John Ficarra

Mentor: Dane Lovett

Gallery: Station Gallery

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Travis John Ficarra is an artist and composer based in Melbourne, Australia working in painting, sound and sculpture. He holds a BFA Honours from RMIT and a Master of Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of Art. Travis has recently exhibited at Blindside, BUS projects, Fort Delta and the Arts Centre. He has also performed at events and venues such as SuccessArts Perth, the MCA Artbar, the International Noise Conference, Gertrude Contemporary and the Art Centre Melbourne. Travis is the recipient of the Australia Council New Work Grant, the NGV Victoria Women’s Association Award and the Nava Australian Artists’ Grant. He is currently a researcher at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Travis John Ficarra’s paintings are comprised of found imagery patterned together. They examine the liminal materiality of the digital image, particularly through the lens of the perspectival metaphor of the Window and Derrida’s Parergon / (Virtual Space and the Frame). Ficarra conceptualizes a glass-like transparent veil as parergonal surface, a site of tension between a virtual space and a flat plane, a threshold as both boundary and bridge.