Melanie Cobham

Mentor: Zoë Croggon

Gallery: Dane Singer

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Melanie Cobham is a Uruguayan Visual Artist and Designer currently living in Australia, whose work permeates the familiar and the banal to pose questions on language, postcolonialism and identity. Delving in a diverse range of media, and influenced by the work of Doris Salcedo, Cornelia Parker and Oscar Muñoz, her work acts as visual reverberations that explore the extents of these topics and their interconnectedness.

Cobham has been formally working as an artist since 2010, and since then, she has studied Design, Fine Arts, Filmmaking, Photography, Communication and Jewelry making. Her widely diverse range of interests is often reflected in an all-encompassing practice, which spans across a vast array of media. She is currently studying a Master of Contemporary Art at the University of Melbourne, and actively participates in group shows, talks and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She has collaborated with artists from different disciplines, and her work can still be seen in galleries across Vienna, Berlin and Uruguay.

Cobham has also done relevant work in Graphic and Industrial Design, Illustration, Writing, and Teaching, which continues to extend and enrich her practice.