Katie Paine

Mentor: Benjamin Armstrong

Gallery: Tolarno Galleries

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Katie Paine is a writer and artist. Her practice explores how the tools of speaking, reading and writing can be fallible, porous and mutable using text, drawing, video, assemblage and installation. Katie has exhibited at SEVENTH Gallery, Kings ARI, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Bus Projects, La Trobe Art Institute, Irene Rose, QiQ Gallery, Centre for Visual Art and ACMI (Channels Festival), and her writing has featured in Running Dog, Runway Journal, Art + Australia, Next Wave Festival, Un Projects and Art Almanac.

Katie has undertaken residencies with Metro Arts (Brisbane) and Next Wave Festival. For three years she worked as Gallery Manager for c3 Contemporary Art Space on a variety of exhibitions, public programs and catalogue publications.

Katie is the co-founder of *dumb brun(ette), in collaboration with artist Diego Ramriez. *dumb brun(ette) is a discursive online platform dedicated to generating discussion around artistic research. Its main output is a series of interviews, fictions, essays and reviews which seek to make visible the paths that practitioners undertake as they navigate the contemporary art world. They document the relationship between: artists and their work; the history of ideas; exhibition spaces; and lived experience.