Kachun Lay

Kachun is a Chinese-Norwegian artist from Lillesand, currently working between

Oslo, Norway and Melbourne, Australia. Lay works process-oriented in the fields

of sculpture, drawing, installation and performance. His artistic practice is heavily

inspired by the ideas and studies of Personality Psychology and Ecopsychology.

Lay’s work investigates personal relationships towards the individual subject and

social circles through material exploration. His practice is informed by questions such

as: do objects have a personality? Can organic and non-organic matter be perceived

as subjects equal to ourselves?

By comparing material qualities to human’s characteristics, Lay utilise analogy and

metaphors as a catalyst for his work. He extracts elements from his own identity and

experiences that have altered him. His body of work function as a mental diary; he

defines his practice as a mixture of autobiographical and material-based art.


Through his practice, Lay aims to interconnect humans to materiality on a

psychological level while allowing the viewer to examine the ideas of relationships

and collective care for both society, environment and nature.