Arna Meldrum

Arna Meldrum’s key concerns in her practice are feminism, sexuality and psychoanalysis. These concerns are evident in her deep engrossment with a porn star whom she discovered on an internet site, Miranda, who is her friend, which is a fiction.

Meldrum works with video, collage, drawing, mixed media and performance. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting in 1994 and has since exhibited at events and exhibitions, such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and a collaborative installation in response to the environment, at the Victorian Arts Centre. She was a committee member at The Library Artspace, a gallery at J Studios (Melbourne) and board member of the management committee at J Studios. Meldrum has also been employed as a community artist with various organisations, such as Mind Australia, a community mental health service, and with children from public housing at Kensington Community Centre, Melbourne. Last year Meldrum attained a Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at Victorian Collage of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

Arna is currently completing a Masters Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts.