Sean Peoples

Sean Peoples is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in imitation, appropriation and collage. Informed by extensive research, his work seeks to integrate and parallel disparate ideas and concerns, often employing networks and models as a visual device. Peoples is also one half of The Telepathy Project, a collaboration formed in 2005 with artist Veronica Kent. Within their practice telepathy serves as an extended metaphor and working methodology through which they explore alternate ways of being, communicating and collaborating.

Recent exhibitions include: Sorting Demon II, STATION, Melbourne; Alien Antique, TCB, Melbourne; Country Home Ideas, Bus projects, Melbourne; Human Animal Artist, McClelland Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne; Gertrude Studios 2015, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; Time Inferno, Et al., San Francisco, US; Transmission, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Minor Treat, Punk Cafe, Melbourne; Primavera 2014: Young Australian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney