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Private Viewing with Nick Selenitsch at Sutton Gallery

Sep 7, 18
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Join VCA Access for a private viewing with Nick Selenitsch of his upcoming exhibition at Sutton Gallery.

For this body of work titled Mechanical Horses, Selenitsch toys with the relationship between ‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’ arguing that they are one and the same thing, their existence both being a product of a social construction.

The artist states:

‘Nature’ is often presumed to be in direct opposition to ‘Culture’; where one begins the other disappears and vice-versa. I believe that no such separation exists…This was the idea I was toying with when I conceived of these works. It was also a concept I pondered while watching my 3-year-old see no difference between watching the snakes at the Zoo, watching trains at Spencer St Station, and observing excavators on a construction site. His pure wonderment at observing these phenomena is also a guide for how to relate to these works; works that attempt to echo the beauty – and peculiarity – of our surrounds.

Image courtesy of Sutton Gallery

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